Luxury home furnishings

People often think that furnishing home spaces with high-end luxury furniture means opting for classic or high quality luxury furniture. This is not always the case, or rather, choosing modern luxury furniture is the first step in giving the spaces personality. You have to consider the rooms’ sizes, the colors, the materials to choose in luxury interior furniture, lighting points, design accessories, and technology. That’s why Brummel, a Made in Italy luxury furniture company, has written a guide to luxury furniture   

Luxury furniture: the spaces

Quantity does not always mean quality. Depending on the square footage of the home and the layout of the space, different furniture ideas should be opted for. However, reading the furniture trends of 2022  and tips on how to furnish the living area with luxury Made in Italy furniture, the rule of “Less is more” stands out: in fact, it is advisable to rely on luxury furniture manufacturers in order not to risk falling into kitsch.  

High-end furniture: the kitchen

The kitchen in a luxury home is the room that along with the living area must be aesthetically impeccable but also functional. This is why it makes all the difference to rely on luxury furniture manufacturers who design everything bespoke: high-quality and eco-friendly materials, total customization possibilities, and furniture that blends innovation and technology with craftsmanship

Brummel’s kitchens fully meet the canons of luxury home furnishings: impeccable attention to detail, elegance, essentiality, harmony 

Luxury home furnishings: the entrance

Is the first impression the one that counts? Then the entrance should be chosen and taken care of in every detail: it is the calling card of a home! The lighting should be studied to perfection to convey familiarity and warmth to anyone entering, thus avoiding a gloomy and poorly lit entrance, and a custom-made closet is functional, at the same time, to the practicality and aesthetics of the space.   

If you have enough space, a console table to be used as a pocket emptier. 

Ideas for high-quality furniture

But how to furnish your home with luxury and create an exclusive environment by choosing only designer accessories instead? Here are some ideas for adding luxury and class in just a few moves.   

For the bedroom, it may be enough to choose a designer bed with a headboard accompanied by a pouf or a comfortable armchair, and warm, soothing colors that facilitate rest and relaxation.   

 In the living area, an upscale home must have all the comforts at hand: if there is no space to create a proper bar area, Brummel’s accessories are a good compromise. A minibar to enjoy time with friends and family, a side table of the material you like best, an elegant sofa, upholstered to your liking, on which to watch TV and talk with guests. And while it is true that for every luxury room there must be a rug, it is also true that Brummel has a catalog of fine carpets to walk barefoot on.  

High-end furniture: light

Chandeliers and all lighting points help to highlight certain parts of the house and must be strategically designed to be functional in everyday life.   

In the study in fact of lighting, we divide light sources into two categories: the first includes the types of light that can illuminate any room, such as spotlights recessed on the ceiling or on a track, and the second includes light sources that create point light, such as appliques or table lamps. This is essential in a home with upscale furnishings and design, home automation.   


From the single piece of furniture to total living: relying on Brummel’s design studio is the first step in furnishing luxury homes with high-quality furniture.