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Luxury furniture company: the 6 key values

There are thousands of furniture companies, but what are the values that affirm whether a company produces luxury furniture or not? Brummel reveals the 6 essential values to stand out.

Bedroom Ego Collection Italian Furniture

1. The customer: the center of every project

Starting a luxury furnishing project means guiding the customer so that to create interior that reflects his personality and style. in fact, one of the first things to do is listen to the customer’s needs, understand them and give life to a customized furnishing project.

To do this, the customer must always be active, supporting interior designers or architects when it comes to choosing the materials, finishes and all the necessary details. For the customer to be able to rely on a professional figure, it is good that a relationship of trust and transparency is established between the parties. Brummel has always collaborated with professionals in the sector and does so actively without ever abandoning them and the customer, in order to guarantee the customer maximum attention.

Made in Italy furniture

2. Craftsmanship: an exclusive value

One thing is certain: to create custom-made and luxury furniture, craftsmanship guarantees its success. Yes, because only expert hands with a strong passion for their work can create a dream project.

This handcrafted work is supported by creativity and high quality raw materials such as fine wood and marble, two other essential values that we will see in the next points. Brummel also offers Made in Italy furniture, famous all over the world for the craftsmanship of the products.

Dining Ego Collection Italian Furniture

3. Only high quality raw materials

The choice of raw materials is fundamental in luxury furnishings. In this sector, high quality materials must be guaranteed not only in terms of beauty, but also in terms of durability over time.

The materials most used in luxury furnishings are wood, such as oak or mahogany; marble, especially for refined surfaces and details; and glass, to give greater brightness and create decorative elements that give an extra touch of elegance to the interiors.

To create unique interiors, the perfect solution is the combination of different materials. An example is the Ego living area idealized by Brummel, a mix of materials such as solid wood, steel, marble and blown glass.

40 years of experience in Italian luxury furnishings

4. Experience - the result of successes and failures

To establish itself as a luxury furniture company, years of experience are needed to learn how to offer the best. Knowing how to listen, understand and create something that meets the needs and reflects the customer’s style is not a simple thing.

The reason is clear, it is necessary to combine a series of elements that cannot be missing, such as: the quality and durability of the materials; ensure a workforce that knows how to create environments with the utmost attention to the smallest details; and always put the customer at the center of the project.

To do this, companies will encounter cases of failures, but also of successes and only over time will they be able to interpret and give life to unique interiors. Brummel, in fact, has more than 40 years of experience in luxury furnishings which it makes available to experts who want to collaborate with the company, establishing a relationship of trust and lasting over time.

Innovation and Italian furniture

5. Innovation: keeping up with the times

Nowadays, we are subject to continuous changes, which cannot be missing in this sector. In luxury furnishings, therefore, artisan tradition and innovation must meet, since if on the one hand great attention to detail is offered, on the other hand ever more performing materials and innovative techniques are used for greater functionality and high comfort.

Brummel, in fact, puts the craftsmanship of its products at the fore, but at the same time collaborates with home automation companies. This balance between the two aspects has allowed the company to establish itself both nationally and internationally, creating inimitable solutions and improving the quality of life of its customers.


6. Creativity: this is what makes the difference

Creativity is an essential point, as it gives life to unique and refined environments. Creativity is one of the starting points, but it cannot be realized without the help of the elements described above, above all the craftsmanship and the choice of materials. The first allows high attention to even the smallest details and leads to an advantage such as offering custom-made furniture, while the careful selection of raw materials allows you to create luxury furniture that lasts over time. Finally, innovation is essential to give life to environments never seen before.

Brummel’s project department carefully analyzes the materials that are available and how they can best be used.

Only with the combination of these elements can we distinguish ourselves as a luxury furniture company. Brummel is concrete proof of this and to prove it, he has made available one of his most important challenges ever, an entire Italian house furnished with the Opera 30 collection.