Enhancing functionality through polished design

Complete Furnishings
February 2021


The client wanted a house where sophisticated interior design would enhance the functionality of the environments.

Project development

Brummel’s Opera 30 collection was used as the starting point. With its contemporary lines and fine materials, it served as the base to develop a project designed specifically around the client’s needs.

The request to maintain the ample spaces of the master bedroom and the selection of a large bed was met by a wardrobe set into the walls.

We also made room for home automation, in particular in the three walk-in closets, with automatic drawers and pull-down lifts.

Attention to detail also stands out in the area reserved for the indoor pool, which was furnished with fire-resistant wooden products to avoid problems tied to moisture in the environment.


A successful project designed in the agreed-upon reduced time that earned the client’s full satisfaction. This, not only because refined, functional environments can now be enjoyed, but also because the client could rely on a single representative throughout the entire process who was ready to transform every request into high-quality solutions.