Made in Italy

From a single furnishing accessory to total living

Our in-house engineering and design studio supports professionals and customers from the development of the initial idea, guiding them in every phase up to delivery, assembly and testing.

Whether it is a single piece of furniture or a total interior design project, thanks to the experience gained through hundreds of projects around the world, we are the ideal partner for designers and customers because we understand their needs and possibilities, so as to put them into exclusive solutions that combine comfort with the refinement of the well-known Brummel design.

The home's heart

For us, the kitchen is the beating heart of a home, whose design lines and materials should characterize all other rooms.

Starting from the design of the kitchen, it is possible to give a distinguishable connotation to other areas, creating a thread of emotions that enhances the home spaces with a unique style that distinguishes the entire interior design project.