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Minimalism in luxury furnishings

In recent years the minimal style has made its way into luxury furnishings. We talk about minimalism when we create a style with clean lines, using neutral colors and precious materials. With this minimal style, the focus is mainly on the functionality and at the same time on the elegance of the furniture, without exaggerating. To obtain minimalist and luxurious interiors, you must combine designer furniture, sophisticated lighting and
refined details.

Therefore, the combination of the elegance of luxury and the purity of minimalism gives life to the furnishing style known as luxurious minimalism.

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The main characteristics of furniture in a minimalist style

1. Clean lines: the minimal style in luxury furnishings opts for simple and geometric lines. Furniture and decorative objects are characterized by clear and clean shapes, without frills or excessive details. The result is an ordered and precise interior.

2. Neutral colors: Another feature of luxury minimalist furniture is the choice of neutral and sophisticated colors. In fact, the predominant colors are white, beige, gray and earthy tones, which create a sense of calm and harmony. In addition, they create a feeling of spaciousness and brightness, improve the design of the elements and the high quality of the materials.

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3. High-end materials: The high-quality minimalist design can be recognized by the fine materials that are used, such as marble, solid wood, glass, stainless steel and high- quality leather. Choosing this kind of raw materials means conveying a sense of luxury and durability of the furnishing elements.

4. Essential but refined design: although we are talking about clean and simple lines, luxury minimalism gives great importance to details and to what is essential. In fact, the furnishings are made with precision, with impeccable finishes that give a touch of luxury, but at the same time the same accessories are carefully selected and the decorative elements must not be superfluous. These attentions lead to a timeless and clean design.

An example of a complement with a timeless and luxurious design, made with precious materials, such as its marble top, is the coffee table from the Jewel collection.

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5. Stylish lighting: Another important element that should not be underestimated when it comes to minimalistic luxury style is lighting. Using sophisticated lighting, such as designer pendant lights, can highlight important pieces of furniture in a room. Also, another positive aspect of lighting is that you can customize it to suit your needs and the atmosphere you want to create.

6. Luxury and functionality: in the luxurious minimalist style, the functionality of the furnishings creates luxurious environments. An example is the use of custom-made furniture, as they provide practical and elegant solutions for optimizing space. Also important is the attention paid to details that improve life, giving greater comfort and practicality.

7. Balance: A balanced atmosphere is needed, which is created with minimal furniture, both visually and functionally. A design with balanced proportions, combined with an optimal arrangement of furnishings, gives the environment more calm and sophistication.

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5 furnishing items for a minimalist style home

A minimalist interior can also be enriched by minimal furnishing accessories that give an extra touch of style, but without exaggerating and therefore do not affect the clean lines. Here are five minimal furnishing items:

1. Carpets: simple design and neutral colors are the two characteristics that must be taken into account when talking about minimalist carpets. A design carpet that satisfies them can give more warmth to the interior without being too excessive and without devaluing the other elements prese

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2. Mirrors: a perfect element for this furnishing style as mirrors can be of great help to visually expand the space. They can also reflect light and therefore bring out specific points of the interior.

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3. Vases and containers: if you want to beautify your home, but not go overboard and therefore stay on the minimalist style, the important thing to take into consideration when it comes to choosing vases and containers is that they have clean geometric shapes (an exemple: Jewel vase). For this kind of complement, greater importance is given to materials such as glass, ceramic or metal.

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4. Chandeliers: clean lines and simple shapes are always to be taken into consideration as fundamental properties. In the case of lighting, you should opt for table lamps or pendant lamps, produced with high quality raw materials and with an essential design. As already mentioned, lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and can be essential to give relevance to certain furnishing elements.

A chandelier like this one created by Brummel is perfect for both a living room and a dining room. The blown glass not only gives importance, but also enhances the interior. For more details on сhandeliers, сlick here.

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5. Shelves and racks: these furnishing accessories are used for displaying books or decorative objects. However, to maintain a minimal furnishing style, it is essential to always choose items with clear lines and simple designs so as not to exceed and change the overall style of the room.

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In summary, we talk about minimalism in luxury furnishings when simplicity, elegance and high quality coexist finding their perfect balance. With this style, the rooms are more refined and give a sense of tranquillity.