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Designer armchairs: How to choose the one that suits you better

When furnishing a home, it is essential to choose the accessories taking into consideration different elements in order not to risk making wrong choices. An important piece of furniture that can highlight the surrounding interior is the armchair. There are many lovers of this element and many are looking for designer armchairs. But how to choose the model that suits your personal taste and your decor?

Here are six tips for making the right choice.

Office Jewel Collection with armchair Made in Italy

1. Original and innovative design: These are the two characteristics that cannot be missing when it comes to designer armchairs. In fact, in order to be considered as such, this piece of furniture must offer a unique and creative approach to both aesthetics and comfort.

Brummel leaves nothing to chance, always proposing solutions that stand out from the market. An example is this armchair from the Jewel collection, fully padded, comfortable and with an inimitable style. This armchair is not only ideal for enjoying moments of relaxation, but gives an extra touch to the interior where it is located.

Armchair Jewel Collection Made in Italy

2. Geometries and shapes studied in detail: The designer armchairs have unusual shapes and curious geometries. These properties can make the armchair itself stand out more in the interior that surrounds it.

The following armchair designed by Brummel given its whimsical shapes is in fact a perfect model for those who want to dare.

Despite their uniqueness, it must always be taken into consideration that designer armchairs must give a distinctive touch to the interior, but must never be excessively inconsistent. Therefore, having an elegant and sophisticated design is perfect for highlighting the room or the armchair itself inside, but they must be consistent with the rest of the furniture.

Armchair Collection Jewel Made in Italy

3. Combination of various materials: Very often, to obtain designer armchairs, different materials are combined in original ways

An example can be the combination of metal with wood, or the combination of fabrics or other precious materials such as leather.

Brummel has always chosen refined materials and combines them to create original solutions, such as this armchair which has metal legs covered in wood and which allow the customer to choose the finish that best suits his furniture. Furthermore, the same armchair has a metal structure, but completely upholstered in high quality fabric making it comfortable.

Jewel Collection Armchair Italian furniture

4. Interesting colors and details: When looking for the armchair that fits the style, it is not just a decision of materials and shapes, but a choice of color. Very often designer armchairs have bright colors and details that are not common to see on classic armchairs. Furnishing accessories with unique details can give a rather extraordinary visual impact to the interior.

Brummel grants to its customers full freedom of choice of the available finishes, precisely to satisfy their needs and respect their style and that of the interiors they want to create.

Discover this Jewel armchair here.

Living with armchair Jewel Collection Italian furniture

5. Functional armchairs: The design of this kind of complement is essential, but at the same time you must pay attention to their function, i.e. that they meet the comfort needs you are looking for. Bold shapes must therefore not compromise their comfort.

This armchair with an elegant design is fully padded, a feature that makes it comfortable from the first moment for those who try it.

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6. A designer you can trust: It is important to rely on industry professionals with great experience and enthusiasm. A step not to be missed is to find companies that are trustworthy, not only have years of experience behind them, but also guarantee professionalism and passion for what they do.

Brummel has more than 40 years of experience in the sector, promoting the “Made in Italy” concept all over the world. The company stands out not only for the craftsmanship of the products, but also for the soul we put into the realization of the projects. For years we have also supported professionals such as designers and architects to meet the needs of our customers and improve their quality of life.

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So if you are looking for design armchairs that can give an extra touch to your interiors, there are many things to take into consideration. The most important is to be able to find the right balance between unique design, functionality and style of both the home and personality.