Interior design trends in 2022

Renovating your home, giving it a new look, changing furniture or the layout of spaces: what are the trends for 2022 in interior design? Here’s the advice from the master craftsmen of Brummel, a Veneto-based company that is a leader in the luxury furniture market and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.  

The pandemic emergency has greatly influenced the way of living in one’s own home: smart working, which is increasingly present in everyone’s daily life, has brought even more attention to functionality, technology and innovation in furnishings and the versatility of materials, chosen from an eco-sustainable perspective. 

How do you choose the colors of your furniture?

The furnishings and colors used in our homes also speak of the people who live there every day, but when it comes to furnishing a home, comfort and liveability have always had priority over everything else.  The infinite palette of colors in Brummel’s furniture responds to all the needs and requests of customers: because the artisan DNA of the Vicenza-based company allows it to create anything in any color! It is true that trends change every year, but the colors that remain constant in the top list are the neutral ones: white, grey, dove grey and black, which have always meant elegance, refinement and luxury, and promote well-being. 

Sustainable furniture

The constant search for a more sustainable lifestyle has also had consequences in the choice of furniture, which is increasingly in harmony with the environment and Nature. Ecological materials are therefore increasingly in demand, as is the integration of technological innovations for energy-efficient homes that reduce unnecessary waste.  For 40 years Brummel has made eco-sustainability not only a corporate choice but also a necessary sensitivity in the production of luxury furniture. The raw material used is of controlled origin (FSC) and is processed with ecological finishes and water-based paints.

Innovation and technology in furniture

Thanks to the constant dialogue between innovation and tradition, the performance improvement, the aesthetic quality and functionality of furniture has also led to the design of living spaces that suit everyone’s lifestyle. Brummel’s furnishing trends for creating a safe, comfortable and highly technological home are endless: opening a room door with the iris, using your smartphone to rotate the inside of the wardrobe or to switch on the lights from a distance, a click in the kitchen to turn it into a bar.

Increasingly minimal designer furniture

Before being a style, minimalism is a real concept that communicates essentiality by maximising functionality, style and the nature of spaces. Opting for a few elements but with attention to the smallest details, clean shapes and neutral colors are the first steps in furnishing the home in 2022: fine materials, such as wood and glass, and clear, rigorous lines adapt to various contexts to create a versatile environment in which beauty is enhanced by a few elements. The Jewel collection by Brummel makes minimalism and materiality its strong points to give the house a strong identity and a timeless style. 

These are some of the furniture trends 2022. Brummel is the spokesman around the world of the infinite solutions of Made in Italy that enhance all the spaces of the house, combining the trends of 2022 with the desires of its customers.