Living room furniture: the must-have accessories!

Since 1982 Brummel has been transforming the solid wood into emotion and luxury design, always respecting the environment and using raw materials of controlled FSC origin and guaranteeing sustainable production. This is why it furnishes the living room with custom-made, unique furniture and accessories. 

The living room area is the room in the house that is used for conviviality. In the living room people usually read, converse, relax, watch a film or a documentary with the family, share moments with friends. The living area is increasingly becoming the centre of home life. Therefore it is a room that must be furnished by conscientiously choosing furniture accessories. Elegant coffee tables, upholstered poufs for and sitting room, or sofa, spacious bookcase with glass shelves. Everything must be beautiful and functional for the everyday life.  

The 2 or 3-seater upholstered sofa is undoubtedly the main actor of the living room furniture: soft, comfortable, large, the upholstered sofa for the living room must also be strategically positioned in the room. Brummel manufactures designer upholstered sofas only on the basis of customers’ wishes, using the finishes and colours they desire. 

Needless to say, the size of the living area influences the choice of furniture for the living room: large living room, conversation room, relaxation and TV room, living room that also serves as a sleeping area or “social” living room in the open space with kitchen.  

Combined with the 2 or 3-seater upholstered sofa, the must-have pieces of furniture in a living room are the design pouf, to make relaxing moments even more comfortable, the upholstered armchair and the coffee table for the living room. Often overlooked, these furnishing accessories in the living room are true stylish masterpieces. To combine them with taste and harmony you can also rely on Brummel’s online consulting service!  

To complete a modern living room and design, a beautiful bookcase for the living room with glass shelves. To divide the space of a large living area or fill the large walls of photographs, books and memories, all the Brummel’s bookcases are available in various sizes, shapes and with any type of finish and material.  

Here are the trends for furniture and furnishing accessories for the living room: relying on the Made in Italy design professionals is a choice for the future!