[Press release] Design, technology and environmental sustainability for the home

Scanning the iris to open the wood panelling that gives access to a secret room in the house, the smartphone application to move the self-extracting clothes rack in the walk-in wardrobe or to lower a make-up area. In the kitchen, a glass holder or bar cabinet can be lowered at the touch of a button. The remote control can activate a mirror game so that a safe appears on the make-up table. These are just a few examples of Brummel’s ideas that combine technology with design to create a safe, comfortable and space-saving home with a sophisticated style and fine materials. 

For some years now, we have been producing furniture with hi-tech innovation systems that make everyday life safer and more comfortable,” emphasises Francesco Stragliotto, owner of Brummel, which has been making tailor-made furniture since 1982. “Technology can offer not only comfort to furnishings but also a touch of charm. All our furniture can always be customized, according to taste and space requirements”. 

The Brummel collections have always combined a classic style, a spirit of innovation and a passion for craftsmanship: characteristics that have made the products of the Veneto-based company appreciated and recognized all over the world. The entire production cycle takes place in the Cassola (Italy) plant, with a strong focus on sustainability in both the choice of materials and the production process. 

The wood we use,” says Stragliotto, “is of controlled origin (FSC) to guarantee safety and non-toxicity. The use of solid wood ensures the total absence of formaldehyde emissions. In addition, the use of water-based varnishes and ecological finishes, which do not release harmful volatile substances into the environment, make the products safe for customers and employees. Furthermore, the wood residues are burnt in the company’s own incinerator at a very high temperature, which heats the factory and facilitates environmentally friendly disposal”. 

“In order to show the trade our collections and the most unique workmanship by craftsmen, we have been organizing the Brummel experience since September. You can touch the materials in person, understand the philosophy, the work and the experience contained in our products,” says Stragliotto.