Made in Italy design furniture by Brummel

Furniture and design speak for themselves: Made in Italy is the trend that everyone loves. Brummel, which celebrates 40 years of activity, is the well-known spokesperson of the trademark everyone loves: Made in Italy.


Brummel, a company which designs bespoke Made in Italy luxury furnishings and gives shape and substance to all beauty desires in full respect of nature and the environment, produces modern design furnishing accessories. All those furnishing accessories are a must in a home on both aesthetic and practical level, as they give light to the living room or importance to a wall. In short, Brummel’s design furniture complements, made with sustainable materials, give personality and exclusivity to the environment.


The Brummel’s furnishing accessories catalogue ranges from sofas to the upholstered armchair with solid wood base or the upholstered armchair with metal base, from the wooden design coffee table to the island for the walk-in wardrobe. And why not linger over the design console tables or the wall-mounted wooden console table to display photos, memories, a beautiful vase of flowers or to put the keys on when you get home?

With Brummel’s modern design furniture it’s easy to enhance the rooms in your home. The wooden coffee tables, made by our master craftsmen can be produced in all shapes, with any material, in any size and make every coffee or tea break unique, making everyone feel as if they are at the coffee shop, even when smartworking.

And who is not tempted, after a day of work and stress, by the convenience and comfort of the upholstered armchair with wooden base or the upholstered armchair with metal base? The Brummel’s collections make also these furnishing accessories a “Made in Italy” masterpiece, available in all the finishes desired by the customer.

Reproducing the furnishings and atmosphere of the most exclusive and elite clothing shops is easy with the island for the walk-in wardrobe by Brummel, which enhances the spaces dedicated to the wardrobe. Keeping accessories and clothes in this technological wardrobe is a dream experience!

L’arredamento Made in Italy firmato Brummel, concretizzato a Vicenza nella produzione sostenibile, incarna a 360° i valori aziendali di qualità, artigianalità, bellezza e ricercatezza.