[Press release] Home working new Jewel collection by Brummel

Home working, now part of everyday life, can take on a refined and elegant look with the new Jewel collection from Brummel. The furniture, which defines the office with strong lines, connotes the space, creating an ideal atmosphere to devote to your activities. 

In the name Jewel is enclosed the philosophy of the new Brummel collection that draws attention to the precious elements and high quality that characterize it. The proposals of the new line contain precious materials such as marble, metals and woods with sophisticated and refined finishes because it is the attention to detail that makes the difference at home. 

The collection responds to the vision of Brummel to give a unique and complete imprint to the furniture and accessories to dress your home with elegance and glamour, innovation and sophistication. 

Everything in the Brummel home,-  points out the owner of the Vicenza-based company, Francesco Stragliotto, – is a harmony of lines and materials created in a sartorial manner to meet the needs of customers, including international ones. A sense of home that has changed over time, today fully experienced, representing a place to feel good and at ease in all circumstances, in spaces designed and furnished in a functional way and at the same time in concert with those who live there to spend time, to work, to relax and to welcome their guests“. 

The desk, with its shaped dimensions with the diamond symbol in the centre, lacquered in glossy black with frontal inserts in glossy Rosewood, has 10 storage drawers and is equipped with a side drawer unit that also serves as a shelf. The desk conveys an idea of solidity and comfort and expresses Brummel’s excellence in carpentry and aesthetic uniformity.

Measurements: Desk cm 240 × 120 by h 79; wooden drawer unit to support desk and shelf: cm 60 x 128 by h 45.

Behind the desk is a cupboard that appears to have been carved out of the wall; it is made of lacquered wood in two contrasting colours and is aesthetically in line with the mirrored boiserie on the opposite wall.


The bookcase is made of three different materials: the structure is metal, the shelves are glass and the front and side inserts are made by shaped and grooved wood. 

It is a double-sided bookcase, adapting perfectly to act also as a partition, creating a sort of “corridor” between the entrance door and the office itself. It is a very functional piece of furniture and suitable for other areas of the house. 

The bookcase is available in different sizes. 

The relax area consists of two armchairs entirely upholstered in leather or fabric. The Jewel armchair is as welcoming as a cuddle and lends itself to conversation or reading, thanks also to its high, comfortable backrest. 

The area is completed by two coffee tables of different heights that complement each other. The originality of the coffee tables lies in the three different materials they are made of. The top is made of marble and the legs are structurally made of metal but covered in wood to give lightness. They are objects that can be perfectly placed in any living style and area of the house. 

Armchair size: cm. 110 x 80 x h 150 

Coffee table size: Ø 53 cm. x h 48; Ø 53 cm. x h 65 

Flexibility to adapt furniture to every style 

It is possible to adapt Brummel furniture to the style of your home or other important furnishings. It is possible to integrate the glass doors and replace the characteristic metal and wood feet, materials that redefine a sober and harmonious design. The metal structure is wrapped in the wood essence as if to “dress” it, enhancing its geometry. The diamond symbol, a sign of the collection’s distinct identity, is materialized through the metal handles that combine aesthetics with functionality.