Precious details for an exclusive product

The finishes of Brummel furniture solutions

For this reason we search for the most valuable and innovative finishes, ensuring design furniture that amazes thanks to its precious creativity.

Among the most appreciated painting techniques used by our company there is the one we have called “Liquid Ice”: after a long research process, supported by specialized technicians of the paint suppliers, we have found a solution for the use of this finishing technique also on surfaces other than wood, such as glass.
The brilliance of “Liquid Ice” makes the piece of furniture shine, enriching our proposals: its most innovative application is in the kitchen panels, where a special glass top with this finish is an original alternative to the more classic precious marble top.

Woods are one of the strong points of our creations: precious materials that give character to our design solutions, giving substance to the polished and elegant lines of our creations.

Ziricote is a precious wood coming from Central America, rich in natural veining that make it unmistakable. This essence is not very present in the market, not only for the prestige but also for the difficulty in processing. In fact, this type of wood requires special processing, which can only be carried out with experience and support of advanced production and painting technologies, such as those applied in our company.

Palm wood is characterized by high density and considerable hardness, as well as a particular veining of great beauty that make it perfect to create a unique style.
Processing this wood is particularly complex because its lacking malleability and it is very susceptible to breakage in detail processing. The result once completed, however, is one of the most durable over time.