A successful Brummel project

Enhancing functionality without forgoing polished design

The Brummel Opera 30 collection was used as the starting point. With its contemporary lines and elegant selection of fine materials, it lent itself to skilful adaptation for a project designed specifically around the needs of the client, who desired comfortable environments above all.

Working to combine this request with a design that enhanced the spaces was our priority.

This particularly emerges in the master bedroom, where the client wished to maintain the ample spaces despite the selection of a large bed. To meet this need, we opted for a wardrobe set into the walls, flush and not extending outwards, a solution that allowed us to gain a lot of space while also maintaining a sleek appearance, thanks to the elegant padded fabric on the front.

Environments of quality craftsmanship in which home automation finds ample room, particularly in the three walk-in closets, where automatic drawers and pull-down lifts allow the clothes to be reached easily.

Each space is denoted by the unmistakable Brummel style, whose attention to detail also stands out in the area reserved for the indoor pool, which was furnished with fire-resistant wooden products to avoid problems tied to moisture in the environment.

A successful project despite the agreed-upon reduced time, for which the client expressed the utmost satisfaction. This, not only because refined, functional environments like those in a 5-star hotel can now be enjoyed, but also because the client could rely on a single representative throughout the entire process who was ready to transform every request into high-quality solutions.