[Press release] Brummel's Jewel kitchen, the warm heart of the home

Like the kitchen from Brummel’s new Jewel collection in wood with a glossy varnish in an innovative NCS color with matt lacquered profiles and a metallic effect in brushed brass. 

The shaped island made entirely of Oriental Brown marble with a cantilevered snack area, like the office top, gives the kitchen charm and comfort. To avoid creating visual obstacles to the environment, the taps on the sinks can be fully lowered and the extractor hood is integrated into the hob. 

“Every detail of the Jewel kitchen is designed to express elegance and simplicity. The use of fine materials, the innovative lacquering and the special finishes recreate a versatile environment capable of adapting to various contexts and furnishings. After all, the kitchen is one of the most lived-in rooms and for this reason it must be not only functional but also welcoming,” says Francesco Stragliotto, owner of Brummel. 

The LED lighting is present in several places: in the frames, in the profiles of the panelling, under the wall units, in the upper part of the office and in the plinths, giving a warm glow to the room. 

The handles are positioned on the top and along the entire length of the door and are opened by inserting the hand into an internal cavity. 

Brummel has also reduced the lower plinth to a height of just 5cm to create larger bases and more space. To complete the ambience, Brummel proposes an important play of light on the ceiling in Venetian blown glass and a stool in ton sur ton leather in the color of the kitchen.