Our design project for a renovated farmhouse

When tradition is enhanced by modernity

At the time of the request, the property was being in phase of renovation, therefore, in addition to developing an interior design solution that met the expectations of interior renovation in the current style, the Brummel team also participated in decisions on the modernization of the house and advise the owners so that the house reflects their wishes.

A redundant and too modern design would actually distort the style of the home, so it was necessary to intelligently balance the more innovative and sophisticated elements with the more traditional aesthetics of the home.

A challenge that our company has met with one of its most eclectic collections, Marmolà: in which a modern interpretation of the classic style is the hallmark of a collection, whose strict geometric shapes of the interior elements are emphasized by modern solutions and the peculiarity of the individual finishes chosen by the customer.

In independent rooms such as the study, the bathrooms and the wardrobes have been integrated Diamond and Grand Gourmet collections, in which the peculiarities of different styles come together in a furnishing project that enhances the classicism of the environments with a touch of contemporaneity.