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Luxury furnishing accessories: the characteristics for a more elegant, luxurious and functional home

Making your home more elegant, luxurious and functional at the same time is easy if you opt for certain luxury items with specific characteristics.

In fact, it is not only about matching the finishes of different pieces of furniture, but rather one needs to take into consideration different aspects.

Brummel knows the important points to consider when it comes to creating quality accessories. To guide the customer in making the best choice to create the home of their dreams, in this article, Brummel explains what to look for when choosing five objects of luxury furniture.

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Luxury armchairs: three features that cannot be underestimated

When choosing a product such as armchairs to relax or accommodate your guests and create in a single space an interior such as the living room, there are three fundamental characteristics that cannot be overlooked: high quality materials; high comfort; handcrafted armchairs.

High-quality materials such as leather, velvet or silk are what give the armchair a certain elegance. High comfort, on the other hand, gives that sense of well-being, especially with generous padding and ergonomic support. Finally, armchairs made by craftsmen give the armchair an absolute value, paying great attention to detail and quality.

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Luxury dining tables = high quality finishes

Choosing a luxury dining table can be difficult for two reasons: the first is that this piece of furniture is the heart of the dining room, therefore the most important complement; the second reason is that it is one of the most used elements precisely because of its function.

Therefore, must be given special attention to the choice of finishes. A high-quality finish such as hand varnishing or mirror polishing not only gives the table a refined look, but also protects it from wear. In order to satisfy the expectations and personality of each customer, Brummel grants the clients the opportunity to make the final choice of finishes, from a wide range of high quality materials.

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Chair Ego Collection

Aesthetics and functionality: how to select luxury chairs

An indispensable element surrounding the dining table are the chairs. But how to choose them optimally? There are two priority characteristics: aesthetics and functionality.

Choosing luxury design chairs is essential to give that extra touch to the room and enrich it.  By luxury design we mean opting for particular shapes or a mix of unusual materials, which give an exclusive look to the interior.

No less important is the aspect of functionality, i.e. luxury design chairs should have a robust, high-quality construction and be comfortable. This ensures a long life and greater resistance to daily use, as well as offering a comfortable seat and correct posture.

An example of a chair that meets these characteristics is the Ego chair.

Jewel Coffee Table

Luxury coffee tables: how to understand which is the right one

It is important for a complement like the coffee table to perfectly match with the rest of the luxury objects in the room, in order to create a harmonious and refined interior.

It should not be forgotten that a luxury coffee table should remain functional and practical. It should have enough space to place items such as magazines, remote controls, glasses and vases, and allow for comfortable seating for your guests, like the Coffee Table Jewel.

Essenza Bed

An oasis of comfort and refinement thanks to a luxury bed

It is generally known that the most important piece of furniture for a luxury bedroom is the bed, so selecting the right one is essential.

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. the headboard plays a fundamental role: an imposing wooden or padded headboard can become the focal point of the bed. You can choose a headboard in velvet, leather or fine fabrics to add a touch of elegance;
  2. the bed must be comfortable: another important point, as a comfortable bed means guaranteed rest;
  3. the bed must reflect the personal style: the style with which one furnishes the house must reflect the taste and style of the person himself, so that he can feel good and pampered.

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As we have seen, there are many elements to consider before buying any luxury item for the home. Relying on companies like Brummel, with more than 40 years of experience, you will take the first step towards making your dream home a reality.